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Ann Arbor's home for delicious improv comedy and entertaining craft beer.

How To


Watch • Learn • Play

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I wanna get pointless!


Great! There are lots of ways to get involved at Pointless.


Start by coming to an Improv Jam to get a taste for what it is like to play improv games. Don't worry - you can just watch if you want.


We also have the Open Stage, if you want your 8 minutes up on stage to do stand-up, sing, read poetry, whatever you like.


We offer a full series of improv classes, with eight levels starting with Improv 1 for beginners.


You can form an improv group and sign up for a guest spot on the Shadow League Show. This in an opportunity for newer troupes to test their chops on the Pointless stage.


If you have an established improv group, you can contact to be considered for a spot on our Saturday night Pointless Improv shows.


From time to time, we have auditions for our house cast, The League of Pointless Improvisers, and for our incubator team, The Shadow League